Goree app allows followers to ask questions, favors and receives answers at a price. Seasoned stock investors can provide stock picks and earn cash. Celebrities, sports legends, famous actors, outstanding athletes, model singers can use it to provide answers and earn cash. Use Goree to raise the important question to a celebrity, and the answer will pump cash from the listeners. Use it to promote your brand and win the heart of your followers. This app works perfectly on Google play and your online store. It can be downloaded on your play store and Appstore. With Goree app, you will earn cash from your followers providing favors. Ask for anything with Goree from your favorite celebrity on Instagram, Share your joy in revenue to anywhere there is a need, and we instantly donate it with proven result. Goree works to support private request for your intimate privacy. Use Goree app and earn money by raising good question either on investment, sports, stock picks, or any other field of interest.

By allocating prices to your questions, bets or favor, you will earn money from Goree followers via Instagram. Make money from people listening to answers from your question as share listeners. Use the power of Goree app to make money with your mobile phone. Introduce Goree as a knowledge marketplace to your followers and earn cash.

How it works

Request for whatever by asking any question or favor from anybody through Goree. The answer comes either in text, image, voice or video depending on your choice. With Goree, you can redeem cash to your Paypal or donate to the poor in charity.


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